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The new Generation Contact Centre Solutions have Arrived

MSSC specialises in providing and supporting managed property, people, process and technology solutions to clients in the BPS industry. This we do by addressing some or all of their noncore business needs and requirements to enable them to focus on their core business.


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We assist our customers to pick the optimal contact centre solutions from our comprehensive range of services - all of which offer multi-channel and quick-moving capabilities, to empower them to respond nimbly to market and end customer demands. You can choose either an in-house-based solution or an on-demand service offering such as SaaS.  Both of these are easily scalable, depending on requirements and choice. This shared services platform makes you the contact centre operator a service powerhouse, with built-in innovation and flexibility.


MSSC forms strategic alliances with carefully selected best-in-class service providers, each of whom specialises in one or more of the key aspects of BPS and contact centre property, human resource, training, technology and telephony services. This enables our team to offer innovative and differentiated solutions to our existing and potential BPS operators at properties, in the form of managed shared services. The result is that you are enabled to bring the external market disciplines in-house or at least very close to yourselves, so that you can compete favourably with the best that the world marketplace has to offer in functional expertise, efficiency, productivity, and service quality.


MSSC operates by way of Centres of Excellence, where our professional experts aggregate, package, provide and manage the required services on behalf of each contact centre operator. Our value proposition enables speedy time to market, flexible options and choices, service excellence, reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), continuous improvement, quick-moving response to change, and close proximity to the contact centre operator.  All of these are achieved by leveraging benefit drivers, such as:


Standardisation - Indications are that up to 34% savings can be obtained through standardisation and virtualisation of processes, systems and technology platforms - because these reduce the cost of support, allow the use of purchasing on a larger scale, and enable economies of scale.


Virtualisation - Advances in technology such as CaaS, SaaS and HIPCC make virtualisation a potent tool. It can be used to assist with the reduction in information and communication technology (ICT) asset levels, through the optimisation of infrastructure and systems. This again leads to a reduction in costs and it also offers full backup services in terms of redundancy and disaster recovery.  It is also a major contributor to Green Practices by contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint.


Consolidation - The MSSC helps clients to streamline processes and to remove duplication. Then we drive costs down through volume discounts, consolidation and automation of skill, processes, technology and facilities.


Cost avoidance - There is a substantial financial benefit to the client resulting from not having to expand its own resources - because the MSSC makes its existing technology platforms, resources and support structures available to its customers.


Volume discount - The extent of the MSSC network enables us to leverage buying power through volume procurement, on the basis of using the same services or products provided by the same supplier.

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