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Converged Solutions

We engage with and assist our clients to choose from our comprehensive and innovative range of uniquely differentiated solutions.  These solutions are crafted by our subject matter experts that apply industry best practices and standards to aggregate and integrate our Smart Property, Smart People, Smart Processes and Smart Technology solutions. This provides our clients with the ultimate end-to-end integrated solution that is fit for purpose and tailor-made for their requirements.


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Smart Property

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MSSC and Talens Contact Centre Properties have formed a strategic partnership to provide our clients with a unique property proposition. We have a portfolio of pre-approved contact centre properties that can accommodate 50 to 500 seats. These vary from brown structures that are fully fitted and ready for operations, to structures that can to be retrofitted to suit the exact requirements of our clients.


The nodal development approach encapsulated by our converged contact centre solutions provides our clients with an option to take up space in facilities that are a sweet spot in terms of location, practical building consideration, transport arrangements and availability, human resource factors, technology redundancy, and support services. This is even further enhanced by the various property and training grant schemes available in South Africa.


Smart People

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The current shortage of skills in certain areas of the market and the high attrition rates of staff in the industry, necessitated MSSC to build a unique Human Resource practice.  This practice starts with our input into the design of the nodal developments where we ensure that we create a pleasant work, live and play environment and that all the required amenities and support infrastructure such as contracted transport, training centres, crèches, and bulk food supply are integrated into the design.


MSSC has formed strategic alliances with best-in-class HR and Training service providers to handle the recruitment, screening, selection, training and placement of contact centre staff. Our services are also available for the development of staff members, for instance job analysis, job design, career planning, education, training, performance appraisals and reviews as well as coaching, mentorship and benefit administration.


The benefit to our clients is that they will have access to a highly competent and well trained workforce, working in a pleasant environment.  This will not only curb the attrition rates but ultimately will lead to an efficient and effective workforce that will produce optimum results for our clients.


Smart Processes


In the past, companies were defined by their products and services. Today, companies are defined by how well they manage their processes as defined by flexibility, speed, reliability and innovation.


The MSSC Business Process Management (BPM) practice offers the full BPM life-cycle comprising Design, Modeling, Execution, Monitoring and Optimisation pertaining to business process outsource, contact centre and data centre operations as well as Green Practices.  This, combined with our other practices such as Enterprise Architecture, Programme/Project Management, Service Management and Shared Services provides our clients with an end-to-end integrated solution that is tailor made for their requirements.


Smart Technology

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The MSSC recognises that the technology requirements of each client are unique, therefore we offer and provide the consulting services in the form of managed shared services, systems, processes, procedures and best practices that are required to define, select, install, integrate, maintain and support the vast array of technology solutions.


For the provision of technology and specialised consulting services, MSSC has formed strategic partnerships with most of the major ICT and Telco service providers in South Africa.  This includes international companies with offices and operations in South Africa. We will outsource the required solutions to the relevant best in class service providers and manage the contract and service level agreements on behalf of our clients.  This includes ICT and Telco applications, infrastructure and related services.


As far as technology is concerned, our primary focus areas are security, redundancy, availability, disaster recovery and ultimately, service excellence. This ensures that our service level agreements are honoured and that client expectations are continuously exceeded.


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