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Our Services Offering

MSSC provides the following solution based services to our clients:


Property Solutions

People Solutions

Technology Solutions


Our property solutions cover the full spectrum of integrated property services that will ensure firstly that the property that we have on offer from property developers and owners are aligned with the requirements from our BPO&O Clients based on industry standards and best practices, and secondly that these properties provide a pleasant working environment that is conducive to a live, work and play environment. 


During our feasibility studies and property assessments we focus on the following attributes when building our portfolio: Location, Transport Arrangements and availability, Practical Building Consideration, Human Resource factors, Technology, Services redundancy, Support Services, Costing and Grants, Potential Tenants

and Shared Services.



It has been found that many of the performance behavioral challenges of staff members are related to staff motivation. An important aspect therefore is for workers to be positively inclined towards their employers, to have the right attitude to their customers, to have a willingness to learn and to acquire an understanding of how to conduct them in the workplace. Training plays a key role in this process.


MSSC has a dynamic approach with the provision of effective education and training to the BPO&O and related industries, in order to overcome the challenges faced by this sector.


Our human resource development approach is designed to enable businesses to become the employers of choice and to reduce rates. Towards this end we provide the following:


The MSSC recognises that the technology requirements of each client are unique, therefore we offer and provide the consulting services in the form of managed shared services, systems, processes, procedures and best practices that are required to define, select, install, integrate, maintain and support the vast array of technology solutions.


For the provision of technology and specialised consulting services, MSSC has formed strategic partnerships with most of the major ICT and Telco service providers in South Africa.  This includes international companies with offices and operations in South Africa. We will outsource the required solutions to the relevant best in class service providers and manage the contract and service level agreements on behalf of our clients.  This includes ICT and Telco applications, infrastructure and related services.




MSSC and TALENS Contact Centre Properties have closely aligned our property related solutions to provide our clients with a Unique Selling Proposition (USP).  This includes:

·       Consulting services in terms of market research, case studies and green practices

·       Conduct BPO&O and Contact Centre feasibility studies

·       Manage the provision of Tenant Installation Services

·       Manage QS and Costing services for tenant installation services and retrofits

·       Manage the customisation of property in terms of design, layout, fit-out and maintenance relating to Information and Telecommunications Infrastructure and Systems and Contact Centre Operations

·       Management of Teleconferencing facilities, meeting rooms and training facilities

·       Manage the supply, maintenance, support and operations of Security Systems such as:

o   Building Management Systems (BMS)

o   Access Control and Time & Attendance Systems

o   Cabling Alerts and Alarms

o   Specialised Fire Protection

o   CCTV Surveillance

o   Parking Management

o   Surface and Undercover Parking Payment Systems

o   Asset Management & Control

o   Stand by and redundant Power Control


·       Manage the provision and administration of office services such as:

o   Office Cleaning Services

o   Indoor pot plant care

o   Replenishment of food, vending machines and water dispensers


Human Resource services:

·       Staff recruitment and selection

·       Placement of staff

·       Development of staff including; job analysis and design, career planning, education, training, coaching and mentorship, performance appraisals and reviews, compensation and benefit administration


Education and training services:

·       The full spectrum of internationally certified contact centre training for agents, team leaders and management as well as for back office and sales staff

·       A wide variety of management, best practices and ICT related training

·       Training relating to language, accent neutralisation, voice and tone alignment, emotional intelligence, conflict management, life and business skills

·       The full spectrum of contact centre applications training

·       Learnership programs

·       Coaching and mentorship programs


HR convenience services

MSSC will endeavor to contract and host the following service providers on-site::

·       Contracted Transport services for Contact Centre staff to work and back

·       On-site Crèches

·       Food supply and Canteen facilities

·       Lifestyle and general retail operators

·       Medical services

·       Internet Cafe style testing facilities

·       Nodal Loyalty Card Systems



We provide on-site and remote support services for:

·       Contact Centre Applications and CRM Systems

·       Data Base Management Systems (DBMS)

·       ICT Hosting, Security, Infrastructure, cabling systems

·       ICT Back Office Services

·       ICT Disaster Recovery

·       Telco services including:

o   IPBX and switching technologies

o   Voice and VOIP

o   Data Processing and communication

o   Back Office processing and automation

o   Business Video Conferencing


·       Telephony Management

·       ICT Communication Infrastructure solutions including:

o   Digital Video on Demand Services

o   Other communication technologies such as Microwave, Satellite and Wireless Systems


·       UPS, Battery back-up and standby electric power supply and metering

·       ICT enabled Building Management Systems

·       Green technologies and practices

·       Systems Integration


ICT Consulting:

·       ICT Security

·       Data Centre

·       Network Integration and Management

·       AD Design and Implementation

·       Systems Integration

Process Services

Consulting Services

Back Office Services


MSSC provides a wide spectrum of Process Management Services, including:

·       Process Definition

·       Process Improvement

·       Process Adoption

·       Process Sustaining


These process services will apply to the following disciplines:

·       Business Process Outsource Processes

·       Project Management Office Processes

·       Service Management Processes

·       Contact centre Processes



The consulting services that MSSC offer and provide include:

·       Research and Development

·       Sourcing Strategies

·       Strategy Formulation

·       Marketing and Sales

·       Solution Crafting

·       Client Relationship Management

·       Strategic Alliances

·       Supply Chain Management

·       Business Process Outsource

·       Business Process Management

·       Business Performance Improvement

·       Business Intelligence

·       Bench Marking



MSSC offers the following shared services to clients and service providers hosted on-site:

·       Marketing and Sales Support

·       Finance and Accounting services

·       Internal ICT services

·       Procurement services

·       Human Resource Services

·       Admin Services

·       Legal and Contractual Services




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