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Process Solutions

The MSSC Process Management Centre of Excellence specialises in Process Definition, Improvement, Adoption and Sustaining pertaining to:

  • Business Process Outsource;
  • Project Management Office;
  • Service Management;
  • Contact Centre Operations;
  • Shared Services;
  • Consulting Services and
  • Green Practices.



In the past, companies were defined by their products and services. Today, companies are defined by how well they manage their processes as defined by flexibility, speed, reliability and innovation


Our Process Focus...

  • Enables the organization to focus on customer;
  • Keeps the focus on outcomes;
  • Helps the organization understand inputs and how they become outputs;
  • Provides a systematic view of organization activities;
  • Uncovers low value added work and inefficiencies;
  • Provides a view of why and how error occurs and a method for correcting them;
  • Develops a complete measurement system for all business areas;
  • Assists the organization in effectively managing its interrelationships;
  • Provides a means to effect major changes to very complex activities in a rapid manner;
  • Provides an understanding of how good the company can be;
  • Allows the organization to predict and control change;
  • Prepares the organization for meeting future challenges.
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